Black Elk was revered as a visionary.  But what is a visionary?  I think Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger's definition of a prophet is a good working definition for a visionary. "The prophet is not a soothsayer.  The prophet is someone who tells the truth on the strength of his contact with God; the truth for today [...]

  He was born in the Powder River Basin of Wyoming, in 1863.  He was part of the twilight generation of Lakota to travel with their tipis, hunt bison and fully partake in their traditional Lakota culture before the introduction of the reservation system.  But he didn’t grow up unscathed.  He witnessed many violent confrontations [...]

  Spring returns.  Nature’s engine revs up with a cough, sputter and a gasp.  The morning songs of the brown thrasher and the attention-getting palm warbler cannot be heard.  The vibrant colors associated with Nature’s triumphant return appear faded.  Only a lonely mockingbird can be heard warning of life’s imminent collapse. Fortunately, this imagery is [...]

Tyranny is the arbitrary use of power that leads to a cruel and oppressive government.  Our founding fathers took a stand against it and subsequently developed our unique form of government with three separate but equal branches to ensure that power would be wielded judiciously.  Each branch is to serve as a check and balance against [...]

Superman and My First Book

Imagine how different the world would be if we each thought of ourselves as superheroes. We would live our lives very differently. Each person would have some power, some talent to share with the world to make it a better place to live. The world may not perceive any one person differently for adopting this [...]