God’s Last Warrior

The Fight for the Republic

Book Cover: God's Last Warrior
Editions:Kindle - First Edition
Pages: 100

Is it random chance that people enter our lives?  Is it a coincidence that we partake in a series of events that reveal we have a greater purpose in our lives?  This first writing effort details the adventures and people I have met in my life.  Every life has a purpose, I didn't understand mine until recently.  I received a powerful vision in my early teens that convinced me that I was being directed by a Higher Power.  I submitted to the Authority and followed the call.  Now after almost forty years I can reflect back and see that I was being directed to meet people and witness events that would force me to face a horrifying realization.  There is a real Evil presence in our midst perpetrating unspeakable crimes against humanity.  I present this book as a sincere effort to protect each one us.


From the Prologue -

His words were as refreshing as a cool breeze on a summer evening.  Miceal was his name.  He was a tall, formidable nurse whose presence could be intimidating if he had not been blessed with a kind face and a gentle disposition.  He had an uplifting aura about him that contrasted dramatically with the drab hospital atmosphere.  He told me that his son and I shared the same name.  He christened his son James for its greater spiritual significance.  He said that it represented Divine Order.  How flattering, I laughed.  The irony was apparent; I was sitting under lockdown in a mental ward.  The much-needed laughter betrayed the pain and agony that brought me here and the battle that I had endured for thirty-five years.


Our world is in danger.  I know so because I have been called to witness an advancing darkness.  The Eternal Conflict once relegated to the firmament has spilled over onto our nation; good and evil now vie for our country and our souls on the streets of our cities.


Meet the Author

James LeNoir

James LeNoir is a descendent of the Red River Colony, a colonization project established by Lord Selkirk in 1811. This colony would eventually grow to become Manitoba, Canada. James is currently writing a book entitled "God's Last Warrior."