mestamp2180x180Hey!  I’m James LeNoir.  A writer, blogger, number lover and a creative spirit dedicated to rekindling the spiritual flame within us all.


 I bounced around quite a bit as I was growing up.  I was born in South Dakota.  Started school in Southern California.  Continued my education in North Dakota and completed my education in the southwest.  I earned an undergraduate degree in Biochemistry and a PhD. in Environmental  Science & Health from universities in the southwest.

I’m often asked.  “How can you have faith in a higher power if you were trained as a scientist?”


I was open to the idea of a spiritual realm from my Catholic upbringing.  Later, my understanding of spirituality broadened as I learned the mindset and balance of my grandfather’s tribe located on the Turtle Mountain Indian Reservation in Belcourt, North Dakota.  My stay in North Dakota profoundly influenced my worldview and prepared me for the spiritual direction that would later come.
In my early teens, I received a profound dream, directing me to follow a different path through life.  Although my natural inclination was to follow reason, I came to rely on my intuitive feeling to guide me.  Initially, following the guidance of our Creator was as easy as floating down a river.  He spoke to my heart, and I listened.  Later, I was required to take a leap of faith and dedicate myself to following His direction.
As I matured, my awareness of the direction granted to me sharpened.  I gleaned valuable insight from synchronistic events, nature, and my dreams.  Now, it is time to share what I have experienced.  My first book is God’s Last Warrior: The Fight for The Republic. It will be available Fall 2017.
There are so many reasons to believe.  Just open your heart.