We Are The Real News – The Glass-Steagall Act

Look around you.  You know something is wrong, but you can’t single it out and name it.  There are too many distractions.  Trust your feeling.  There is something wrong.  We all recognize that our quality of life has degraded significantly over the last few decades.  Our job security is a thing of the past.  Our security is constantly under attack through random acts of terrorism. Yesterday’s explosion on a Russian subway is the most recent example.  It doesn’t matter that it happened in Russia.  It serves as an upsetting reminder that it can happen anywhere at any time.  You can’t turn to the news.  The media works to distract you further and while feeding you fake news.  We are not being attacked from without, we are being attacked from within.

Our biggest threat, our most dangerous problem, the thing that will kill us, is not terrorism.  Our bankers will starve us.  Our corporations will rob us and poison us.  How are they accomplishing it?  They are rewriting the regulatory rules that keep corporations in check and accountable.

I can point to any area of regulatory policy and illustrate how they have changed the policy to favor business at the expense of the public.  Below is one example: The Glass-Steagall Act that was initiated during Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s administration.  The documentary details how a well-meaning piece of legislation to serve the public good was warped and transformed it into an instrument of the corporations.  I encourage everyone to watch this video.

The Glass-Steagall Act

By the way, if you are wondering what this has to do with the Red River Valley, my upcoming book will fill in the details.  I am working as quickly as I can to finish it.  It ‘s hard to complete the book given my current situation and my schedule.

Meet the Author

James LeNoir

James LeNoir is a descendent of the Red River Colony, a colonization project established by Lord Selkirk in 1811. This colony would eventually grow to become Manitoba, Canada. James is currently writing a book entitled "God's Last Warrior."