Why a Blog on The Red River Valley of the North?

Welcome to my blog.  This blog is dedicated to revealing the history of the Red River Valley of the North.  It will be a place where the history of the North American Midwest is recounted as it actually occurred rather than as it was incorrectly recorded or conveniently ignored.

Located at the hub of the North American continent, the Red River Valley defines the watershed of three rivers the Assiniboine, the Souris and the Red River of the North.  Native Americans have occupied the area for thousands of years.  It was a crossroads during the fur trade that provided access to the Arctic Ocean, Atlantic Ocean and the Gulf of Mexico.


Red River of the North drainage basin (Collective Commons).

The diverse collection of people that lived and passed through the area made for intriguing conflicts and collaborations.  The Cree, Sioux, Assiniboine, Blackfoot, and Metis called the Red River Valley home.  Explorers of every kind regularly passed through the area, each re-discovering it; fur traders passed through in search of furs in the Northwest Territory; mapmakers charted it; missionaries preached here and it was a place where outlaws hid.

My interest is personal.  My family played a prominent role in the history of the Red River Valley and I want to know more.  I haven’t found a site or resource that conveniently serves as a repository of the events that transpired here.  I know there is much to be uncovered because the history that was relayed to me by my family is not documented.  Unlike professional historians and other dabblers in history, I value oral history. I will post any related topic that catches my eye.  I also intend to use this as a place to post interviews of people writing or speaking on topics related to the Red River Valley.

Meet the Author

James LeNoir

James LeNoir is a descendent of the Red River Colony, a colonization project established by Lord Selkirk in 1811. This colony would eventually grow to become Manitoba, Canada. James is currently writing a book entitled "God's Last Warrior."